Mattdaddy’s Loin
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  1. Pork Loin
  2. Bacon Fried Rice
  3. Matdaddy’s Sauce
  4. Pederson’s Bacon
  1. Tenderize the loin to approximately ½ inch thickness. Layer loin with bacon fried rice at ½ inch thickness as well. Roll the loin, glaze it with mattdaddy’s sauce. Wrap the entire loin with Pederson’s bacon. Glaze outside with Mattdaddy’s sauce again. Cook to perfection.
  1. Mattdaddy’s employees came together to create something for BBT 2016 and we chose the base for Mattdaddy’s loin from a dish made by chef Miguel and brought to an employee potluck. We changed some ingredients to fit Mattdaddy’s style.
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